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Could conventionally fractionated radiation therapy coupled with stereotactic body radiation therapy improve local control in bone oligometastases?

Py JF, Salleron J, Vogin G, Courrech F, Teixeira P, Colnat-Coulbois S, Baumard F, Thureau S, Supiot S, Peiffert D, Oldrini G, Faivre JC.

Journal: Cancer/ Radiothérapie
Volume: 27, Issue 1
Année: Février 2023
Pages: 1-10

Specific targeting of inflammatory osteoclastogenesis by the probiotic yeast S. boulardii CNCM I-745 reduces bone loss in osteoporosis.

Madel MB, Halper J, Ibáñez L, Claire L, Rouleau M, Boutin A, Mahler A, Pontier-Bres R, Ciucci T, Topi M, Hue C, Amiaud J, Iborra S, Sancho D, Heymann D, Garchon HJ, Czerucka D, Apparailly F, Duroux-Richard I, Wakkach A, Blin-Wakkach C.

Journal: eLife
Année: Février 2023

Preserving bone in cancers of the elderly: a necessity

Bertrand N, Bridoux M, Gaxatte C, Rached HA, Turpin A, Letarouilly JG, Vieillard MH.

Journal: Joint Bone Spine
Volume: 90, Issue 4
Année: Juillet 2023
Pages: 105549

Advances in PET and MRI imaging of tumor hypoxia

Gouel P, Decazes P, Vera P, Gardin I, Thureau S, Bohn P.

Journal: Frontiers in Medicine
Volume: 10
Année: Février 2023



Beird HC, Bielack SS, Flanagan AM, Gill J, Heymann D, Janeway KA, Livingston JA, Roberts RD, Strauss SJ, Gorlick R.

Journal: Nature Revieuws Disease Primers
Article number: 77
Année: Décembre 2022

Impact of Bone Metastases on Patients with Renal Cell Carcinoma or Melanoma Treated with Combotherapy Ipilimumab Plus Nivolumab.

Pham F, Belkaid S, Maillet D, Confavreux CB, Dalle S, Péron J. Biomedicines

Journal: Biomedicines
Volume: 10, Issue 11
Année: Octobre 2022
Pages: 2758

Lipopolysaccharide-binding protein expression is associated to the metastatic status of osteosarcoma patients

Heymann CJF, Bobin-Dubigeon C, Muñoz-Garcia J, Cochonneau D, Ollivier E, Heymann MF, Heymann D

Journal: Journal of Bone Oncology
Volume: 36
Année: Octobre 2022
Pages: 100451

Three-dimensional in vitro culture models in oncology research

Jubelin C, Muñoz-Garcia J, Griscom L, Cochonneau D, Ollivier E, Heymann MF, Vallette FM, Oliver L, Heymann D

Journal: Cell & Bioscience
Volume: 12
Année: 12 Septembre 2022
Pages: 155

Whole-body MRI in oncology: can a single anatomic T2 Dixon sequence replace the combination of T1 and STIR sequences to detect skeletal metastasis and myeloma?

Chiabai O, Van Nieuwenhove S, Vekemans MC, Tombal B, Peeters F, Wuts J, Triqueneaux P, Omoumi P, Kirchgesner T, Michoux N, Lecouvet FE

Journal: European Radiology
Volume: 378, Issue 2
Année: 4 Août 2022
Pages: 14-26

Assessment of performances of a deep learning algorithm for the detection of limbs and pelvic fractures, dislocations, focal bone lesions, and elbow effusions on trauma X-rays

Regnard NE, Lanseur B, Ventre J, Ducarouge A, Clovis L, Lassalle L, Lacave E, Grandjean A, Lambert A, Dallaudière B, Feydy A

Journal: European Journal of Radiology
Volume: 154
Année: 1 Septembre 2022
Pages: 110447