Percutaneous reinforced cementoplasty using spindles as a palliative option for malignant fractures of the humerus

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Année: Juillet - Août 2022
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Abscopal Response in Metastatic Melanoma: Real-World Data of a Retrospective, Multicenter Study

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Journal: Cancer 
Volume: 14
Année: Juin 2022
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Recent progress in orthopedic oncology and locomotor system tumor surgery

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Journal: Orthopaedics & Traumatology: surgery and Research
Volume: 108, Issue 4
Année: Juin 2022
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Surgical treatment of bone metastasis from osteophilic cancer. Results in 401 peripheral and spinal locations

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Journal: Orthopaedics & Traumatology: surgery and Research
Volume: 108, Issue 4
Année: Juin 2022
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Sentinel Lymph Node Methods in Breast Cancer

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Journal: Seminars in Nuclear Medicine
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Année: Mars 2022

Intramedullary, periosteal, and extraskeletal Ewing sarcomas: retrospective study of a series of 126 cases in a reference center

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Biological evidence of cancer stem-like cells and recurrent disease in osteosarcoma

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Journal: Cancer Drug Resistance
Volume: 5
Année: Février 2022
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Lung metastases radiation therapyRadiothérapie des métastases intrapulmonaires

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Journal: Cancer/ Radiothérapie
Volume: 26, Issue 1-2
Année: Février-Avril 2022
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Radiotherapy of bone metastasesRadiothérapie des métastases osseuses

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Journal: Cancer/ Radiothérapie
Volume: 26, Issue 1-2
Année: Février-Avril 2022
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